on 8 November 2010
Brilliant artwork from .tsouk! This is (almost) the cover of the first album of Belgium-based Greek artist Panos Gourgιώtis! It just hit stores today so I would like to wish Panos ALL THE BEST!!!

Now a little bit on the artwork itself. Based on a photography technique developed by .tsouk this was so smart for the Greek music market that it couldn't literally understand it!

Notice the mix of Greek and English on the actual title of the album? Well, Lyra (the music label), decided that they didn't like it and instructed .tsouk to change it to all Greek...

Now to me, this has three possible explanations:
a) Lyra Sales & Marketing people can't read English.
b) Lyra Sales & Marketing people think the Greek public can't read English.
c) Lyra Sales & Marketing people don't even dare to do something which is remotely original and unusual since this is just not the way things are being done in the Greek music market.

I think I am gonna go with all of the above! The cover rocks anyways (even in its Greek format) and the upcoming video will rock too (I know... I was on set)!

No wonder though talented people are leaving Greece faster than you can say Mississippi! No wonder every single day, I ask myself why the fuck I came back to Athens? Greece was always so good only for the summer...

ps: Here is a mixtrack of Panos' first album!