on 18 April 2009
WoW! Aren't they back with a BANG!?

Currently featuring at number 2 of the UK chart, taken from their yet unpublished second album (it's coming out on Sunday 20 April) and already featuring in a TV ad for Mazda, this song is literally everywhere in London at the mo!

Very very different from their indie first album but hey this is a financial crisis so I guess we all have to make sacrifices :P

The video is quite weird and clearly styled after Grace Jones! It is also one of (at least) two videos the band has made for the same song. Unfortunately, I can't seem to be able to link the other one as You Tube says that it's not available in my country... meh this one is better anyways :)

PS: Pay special attention to the last part of the song (say after 2 minutes)... that's the part that drives me crazy :P