on 7 June 2008
And finally, Alphabeat escape continental Europe! With the release of the UK version of their Danish album, Alphabeat are on everyone's lips! I watched them live last Thursday in London and I have to say I was just blown away! They are getting some major support from their label and even if you don't really know who they are, as a mate from work said, you can just tell they are sooo hot right now! Just to mention that their album is currently selling more than Madonna's album shows what I am talking about!
All of the tracks in the UK album have been remastered and they have also added some brand new songs! Just get this...

1. Fantastic 6
2. Fascination
3. 10000 Nights
4. Boyfriend
5. What Is Happening
6. Go Go
7. Touching Me Touching You
8. Rubber Boots
9. Public Image
10. Nothing But My Baby