on 7 May 2007

My ears are bleeding from listening to this album. I am wearing my iPod to even go to the loo. hEaR tHiS now! (Pernilla babes listen up!)

The Sounds - Dying To Say This To You

Also a bit of info on them, as published in F*@K! magazine:

- Why should you care?
Because they are the best new band around at the moment by about a million, trillion miles.
- Where are they from?
Helsingborg, Sweden (insert your own IKEA joke here).
- What do they sound like?
Blondie, Transvision Vamp, ACDC, and Kenickie doing rude things in the back of a Corvette.
- Not like Ace of Base then?
No, but if Roxette had anger/sex/drugs issues they might have taken this route.
- Who's the blonde bint?
Maya, the sexy lead singer. She's a bisexualist.
- Does that mean she goes twos up on a penny farthing?
- What should I download?
Everything, but notable tracks are Tony The Beat and Queen Of Apology which are currently being played in every indie club in Europe.
- What have they got to say for themselves?
On popjustice.com Jesper from the band said that everyone in the band has a gay sensibility and Maya said something about big dicks. Well, they are Swedish...