on 20 May 2007

Well I did it! Yesterday, around 15:30 I did a tandem skydive. Strapped to my instructor, I jumped from a height of 12,000 feet and did a free fall for about 45 sec, approaching a speed of 120 mph. It's really difficult to explain what you feel once you are out of that plane. You get so many intense emotions in such a short time that it's impossible to tell them apart. Yeah, of course I was shitting myself but once you get past the initial shock that you are actually falling, you spread arms and legs and it really feels like flying! Plus, once the parachute opens, you get to enjoy a wonderful view.
I would like to thank everyone that sponsored me to do this and helped me raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. I would also like to thank my instructor, Dean Hoskins, and of course Coops for organising this (I think I can still hear you screaming your ass off all the way down...). If you fancy doing what I did or would simply like to get more information on skydiving, click the banner below.

Silver Stars