on 9 May 2007
About two months ago I posted this ad by smashLAB, a Canadian creative agency. A few weeks after that, I was contacted by Eric Karjaluoto, smashLAB's creative director, as he wanted to share with me his studio's most important project to date: Design Can Change. This is how he put it:

"Design Can Change is our effort to bring designers together to address climate change and advocate sustainability. After ten months of research and hard work, we have launched the website. It works on the premise that designers are a critical hub for business, industry and the public; therefore, we have the ability and responsibility to lobby, inform, and subsequently enable positive change, by working together. Key to this effort is the pledge: a set of guidelines for becoming more sustainable. It gives designers an actionable framework for embracing sustainability and also helps quantify our collective strength as we lobby for change."

I strongly urge everyone to visit the Design Can Change website (just click the banner below), take the pledge and help spread the word regarding this truly important effort. Quickly now, before the poles melt... even more.

Design Can Change